Mp3/Mp4 Nano copies from Hong Kong; WARNING!

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You can find 'MP4 Mp3 players' on eBay from various Hong Kong sellers. This is a review of the ones that look very similar to the iPod Nano (1st generation).

The good news is that they do work & the sound quality is more than acceptable (with your own headphones). I think they represent good value for money, but here are some points to consider before buying one:

  1. They do not have the apple click wheel (it looks like one - but it is not!)
  2. The earphone socket is 2.5mm NOT 3.5mm (the standard headphone size). The earphones that come with the player will fit the socket but are of a very poor quality. To use your own headphones (which you WILL want to do) you will have to buy an adapter.
  3. The 'User Manual' has been produced using some form of translation software. It makes no sense at all....and is entirely USELESS! If you haven't used any other Mp3 players before &/or are not PC literate you may find it literally impossible to work out how to use the thing with the provided 'user manual'.
  4. The menu does not allow you to search for a track via artist/CD/genre/year, etc. There is no simple way of searching for your favourite track. It is possible to create folders although it's practically impossible to select the order in which the tracks in any given folder will play.
  5. It contains 'bugs' (that are easily removed)....possibly due to phantom memory (see later).
  6. Battery life is absolutely not as advertised. It will last for 3 hours of constant use - MAXIMUM! If you fast forward tracks or swap between folders a lot it may only last 1 1/2 hours. It is charged via a USB style socket - but don't charge it using your computer USB port as it will take forever. Use the power adapter.
  7. The mains adapter supplied is often not made for the UK (mine came with an adapter for Europe & the US!) It's easy to find a suitable adapter.
  8. They  have more features than a Nano (radio, movie player, voice recorder, etc) - but these are nothing more than novelties. The screen is too small to appreciate either photos or films....but the various functions DO work.
  9. The player is cheap & the postage is very high. The sellers make the money on the postage because you will never have this element refunded should you choose to send the thing back! 


Some sellers claim their model is 4GB (& sometimes even 8GB) ...but THEY ARE NOT!!!  I have not heard of any of these players having more than 2GB. The players have been hacked with 'phantom' memory capacity.Do not pay extra for a player that says it has more than 2GB. It doesn't! Having said that players that are sold as 2GB players often only have 1GB & so on (as a general rule you will have half of the advertised memory). Let me explain.....

When you open the box, hook the player up to your computerlook at the properties of the drive on your laptop/PC you will be happy to see the advertised memory. It will even appear to successfully transfer your music/data/whatever to the value of the advertised memory - but when you try to use the data that has been stored in the phantom memory area (ie. the part that exceeds its real memory) you will get a "corrupt/unusable/invalid" but NOT when you try to load them on to the player (this doesn't affect the songs/things that you have already stored within the real memory). 

I advise you to load up your player & attempt to play the loaded tunes AS SOON AS you get it to establish what the real memory is....otherwise you may waste time loading tunes that will never play. AND you may want to try to negotiate with the seller for some money back for unfair representation of the product they sold.


If you want a cheap 2GB Mp3 player that looks uncannily like an iPod Nano for around £35 inc. postage & insurance (as opposed to £110 for a Nano), and don't mind the inconvenience of an adapter for the earphones - this is a player for you!


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