Mspa inflatable hot tub

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This guide is written to help people decide, and for advice for anyone having problems after buying.

I am now on my 3rd Mspa in two years, as it really is a good product when it works, but when things go wrong it can be a nightmare!
My first stopped working after 6 months. My second, the heater broke, and my current one had problems with the airblower, and after several weeks of getting no where with the company who sold it to me, I actually had to email HQ in China for help. However, things eventually went well, as I was sent a new controle box, from a different company that is now their new UK dealership, and their customer service was excellent.
For some strange reason the company I DID buy it from, were reluctant to honour my warranty agreement, and yesterday to my horror, I found out why.
When I came to remove the old control box from my Mspa, to replace it with a new one, I was very shocked to find the box was held together with CELLOTAPE!! Shocked beacause I fully believed my spa was new when I bought it and payed £370 for it too! Suddenly it was clear to me that my spa was not new...but a reconditioned, badly repaired one! Now as this product uses, electricity, a heater and water the consequences for myself could have been deadly!
My advice is, if you are considering purchasing one of these Mspa's is dont be afraid to email ORPC in China for advice! They are very good, and their customer service is very attentive, and they can advise on a good UK dealer too. Fortunatly ORCP (because of this sorry affair) no longer deal with the dodgy UK dealer who sold me a repaired spa as new. And I have been assured by them that they will never deal with them again. Thier new UK dealer, I am happy to say, is excellent.
The Mspa itself is basically a very good product, but sadly the follow up customer service is lacking.
The 12 month electrical parts warranty looks good, when infact you have a complicated process to go through before it is honoured. Firstly you have to email the dealer with the following information:
Spa number begining with CBUB- (take a picture of it) which is found on the side of the spa shell.
They also require a recipt and date of purchase.
Copy of any paypal transaction.
A detailed description of the spa fault.
Then you have to calls and email follow....However I only got any satisfaction when I emailed ORPC Shanghai and it was them that got the process going for me, and I was sent the new control box yesterday, free of charge (£20 for postage, though) which I fitted myself (quiet easy really) so now my Mspa is working well again.
These spa's can be a lovely way for those who want a hot tub, without going to the huge expence of a proper one. They are well made, very easy to set up, and the water is hot with powerfull massage bubbles. I am 45 and suffer from chronic back pain, and they help me a lot!
I find it such a sad state of affairs that the representation of Mspa in the UK is so poor, when it is a genuinely a very good product! However I am happy to say they no longer use the company who sold me my spa, due to underhand practice and very poor customer service. And I am even more relived to see they no longer sell the Mspa on here (although they still sell spa accesories) The new UK dealer however, is superb!
I just want to make sure that people are aware of the in's and out's of purchasing one, and are aware of what to do if things go wrong. I hope this helps! x

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