Mua lilac nail polish

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Nail polish

 I bought the Mua nail polish for £1 I didn't expect it to wow me and it didn't this might just be the worst  nail polish I have EVER bought in my entire life  on the other hand it is £1 so you getting what you pay for in this aspect I was disgusted my how bad it was I would not recommend ANYYY of their nail polishes most of the other things are really nice and are worth more than £1 but this is not 
FORMULA: the formula is probably what I hate the most it's a runny consistency quite thin and I hate that in a polish I'm sure everyone does . This nail polish is veryyyy streaky so when you brush it on your nail you get brush lines. I mean for £1 what would you expect I was just utterly disappointed in the formula
COATINGS: this part really annoyed me it took a good 3-4 thin - medium coats to do 1 nail yep I said 1 nail there is only 6.2 ml I'm this bottle not much at all 3-4 coats x 10 that's 30-40 coats for both your hands by the time I had finished and was happy with the opacity the bottle was almost completely empty .
DRYING TIME: this was a real pain in the leg , by the time I had finished appalling the polish and it didn't look half bad , so I let it dry and it takes at least 30 min to completely dry even then it didn't dry fully smudge marks everywhere there is no way you can work with this polish .
COLOUR: the colours of this polish range are absoulty beautiful especially this colour "lush lilac" it's a pastel colour which is so pretty which also means I'm allowed to wear it to school because it's a suttle colour since we're not allowed to have vibrant colours .
PACKAGING: the packaging is good for £1 it's a small glass bottle with a plastic lid . I think it's a copy of the Elsie nail polishes because it has Mua inprinted into the glass bottle just like the Essie ones 
OVERALL: overall I would not recommend this polish for another £2 you can buy a Barry m one which is so much better and so much better quality .
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