Mulberry Emmy, Phoebe, Brooke, Elgin, Roxanne

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As an avid Mulberry collector, I hope my knowledge of Mulberry will assist you when purchasing a Mulberry bag on eBay.

Mulberry has become a very popular designer, although having existed for some time, Mulberry rejuvenated itself and launched, what because very popular, the Mulberry Roxanne.

I have three Mulberry bags - the Mulberry Roxanne, Mulberry Phoebe and the Mulberry Emmy.

As mentioned above, I have a Mulberry Roxanne myself, bought from the Mulberry store in Brompton Road, which I purchased after buying not one, but two fake Mulberry Roxannes on eBay last summer. I was very upset - the seller clearly had used 'factory' pictures which I had fallen hook, line and sinker for. This is something to be weary of.

Factory pictures are ones which are provided to replica sellers by their suppliers and often have other replica bags sitting in the background, are taken from a strange angle and often have a small sample of the leather used on the bag dangling from the handles. Although the seller I bought from did not use such blatant factory pictures, retrospectively, they clearly were. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the pictures of the Mulberry bag is taken by the seller themselves and are not featured in any other listing.

It is important to check the sellers feedback and it is likely, that if the seller has previously sold Mulberry bags and have good feedback representing this they are offering an authentic bag for sale.

I am not stating that every Roxanne bought on eBay last year were fakes, but the majority were. Pages and pages of Roxanne's were listed (and then relisted!).

I bought my Mulberry Emmy in the store after my episodes last year when purchasing the Roxanne on eBay. The Emmy is a beautiful bag and the leather represents this. The leather is not perfect, as a natural aging process, Darwin leather does have marks here and there. It should not be off-putting should the leather on a Darwin Mulberry be marked. Obviously this depends on the degree to which is it marked.

Due to the popularity of Mulberry bags, the company has since expanded. They now have a factory in China and Turkey, as well as the factory in Summerset, England. The bags produced in Turkey or China will have a 'Made In Turkey/China' tag inside the bag. Make sure you look out for these.
Mulberry do nhot specifically make one style in Turkey and another in Summerset.

The interior Mulberry pocket always zips from the right to the left. Should any zip from the left to the right, it is indeed a replia bag. The Mulberry disc attached to the pocket may or may not have a serial number. For some reason, Mulberry did and still do produce bags with serial numbers. However, not all have these and if a bag does not have a serial number it doesnt mean to say it is fake.

All Mulberry hardware has the Mulberry Tree or Mulberry embossed onto it.

The two tone Mulberry Emmy's in colours such as Cognac and Almond, Chocolate and Oak are Limited Edition. Only 300 of these were made and once they are gone, they truly are gone.

The Emmy is a very popular bag of this season as of yet, I do not think any Mulberry Emmy's have been replicated and 'turned up' on eBay. However, by christmas, it is possible they will.

If you have any questions about a listing or more information on my guide, I would be happy to help. Please rate my guide if you have found the information helpful.


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