Must-Have Feeding Supplies for New Mums

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Must-Have Feeding Supplies for New Mums

When you have a baby on the way, getting everything you need to prepare can be simply overwhelming. Avoid purchasing unnecessary items when it comes to buying feeding supplies. Determine what items are most important and ensure you always have them on hand, and when all else fails, carry a dummy at all times to soothe a crying baby when it is not quite feeding time.



Bottles are without a doubt the most important item you need to feed your baby. Even if you nurse, having back up bottles to feed your baby pumped milk is a lifesaver when you are out. There are many types of bottles for babies, and it is important to purchase bottles for a baby of the right age, such as newborn bottles for a very young baby. The nipples change as babies get older, allowing for a heavier milk flow as babies become better at sucking. Some popular bottle brands include Avent, Dr. Brown, and Tommee Tippee. Bottles come in different colours and hold different amounts of liquid, so a small bottle is appropriate for a new baby. Purchase larger bottles as baby grows and requires more milk. Keep bottles clean with a bottle steriliser.


Bottle Warmer

Warm your baby's formula or breast milk at just the right temperature with a bottle warmer. Since using a microwave can heat milk unevenly, causing burns, using a bottle warmer is a safe and accurate way to warm a bottle. Some electric bottle warmers also warm baby food, such as the Tommee Tippee Close to Nature bottle warmer. Portable bottle warmers, such as the Avent Thermabag, helps retain heat to keep bottles warm on the go, while the Lindam feeding system is a warmer and a bottle carrier.


Cups and Feeding Utensils

Once baby graduates from bottle to spoon, stock up on feeding supplies, such as drinking cups, baby utensils, and special plates with compartments to keep food separated. These plates have side ridges to avoid spills, and sippy cups help babies learn to drink from cups without a mess. Find a set with a cup, plate, and matching utensils. These sturdy plastic feeding supplies are dishwasher safe and durable, and some common brands to look for include Munchkin and Avent.


High Chair

Now you need a spot to feed your baby. A high chair becomes an everyday part of your life, so pick the right one for you based on your budget and high chair features. Some high chairs are adjustable and grow from baby to infant, while some are portable and perfect for travel. Buy a travel high chair if you go out to eat frequently, and graduate to a booster seat once your baby is big enough. Make sure the high chair is easy to clean, has removable components, and an adjustable seat. Brands to look for include Chicco and Mothercare. Do not forget to stock up on bibs.

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