Mutsy Spider V's Quinny Zapp

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Thinking about buying a Quinny Zapp or Mutsy Spider? They are afterall very similar in some respects and no doubt will be battling it out on the market now that the spider has launched.

We have had both of these buggies and can lend a few pointers on these buggies that I have found. I hope they help people make the right decision before buying!

Quinny Zapp

PROS - Fantastic steering, lightweight pushing, folds down so compactly and is very easy to fold. Great attention to detail in regards to finishing touches and looks very funky and classy - gets alot of looks when out and about. Comes in very vibrant colours. Good harness even for smaller toddlers. Comes with a great little carry bag for convenience.

CONS - Brakes are very poor and do not 'stick', very dodgy when standing at the kerbside waiting to cross the road, it does tend to wander! Lack of storage space/shopping basket (now resolved - see our shop -!!). Very little can be hung on the handles without tipping over, Not suitable for children that are fairly tall for age or from age 2 as the footwell is quite high up and legs tend to be bent to rest feet. Wheels are very solid and you can be heard coming a mile away. Back wheels are quite wide and often get caught if trying to squeeze through tight spaces! Raincover is very fiddly and has to be pulled  tight and fastened with velcro (not the bext thing when it is raining and you are trying to fiddle with!). When the raincover is on little feet get squashed against the footwell...and lastly the seat does not recline...but this is a perfect shopping trip buggy!!

Mutsy Spider

PROS - Looks fantastic! Comes in some great colours that do not have to be too overbearing! Very sporty head rest and seat with sporting strips and lots of Mutsy logo-ing. Great steerability, very comfortable handlebars, 5 point harness with good room for smaller or bigger kids, harness pads. Good matching raincover that is fairly easy to attach. Fantastic adjustable backrest, easy to use brakes and good adjustable leg rest and foot rest. Easy to fold down with one swift movement. Has an adjustable handlebar height. Very smooth over bumpy ground and going up kerbs.

CONS - No carry bag comes with the buggy! - has to be purchased separately. When folded does not stay together very well so makes it hard to carry without carry bag. When folding down it can be quite lethal - watch your shins!! Although easy to steer, it is more difficult to steer with one hand as it is one handle bar rather than two handles, so tougher to manouvre around corners. Although there is a basket it is very shallow and does not hold much in terms of bags etc. Does not compare to the Zapp when folded in size, still quite bulky.

We hope this has helped a few people to make a decision on that perfect next buggy!

Jellybugs x


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