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I will be supplying feedback using a scoring system marking the sale on four items and using a final overall score. This is to, hopefully, improve buyers awareness of how good a seller has been. The scoring will give a greater range of responses compared to the positive/neutral/negative as supplied by eBay.

Please note that this is my personal opinion of any individual sale and is not a true reflection of the seller. Other circumstances may alter this scoring (ie postal strikes, computer outages, bereavement etc).

A typical score could be :'A+ premail, A deliv, A goods, A+ postmail. 4 star recommended'. This means that the seller was quick to answer my emails before and after dispatch, the cost of delivery was good and quick. The goods were exactly as described.

Another score could read 'A+ premail, E deliv, A goods, A+ postmail. 3 star recommended'. This would mean that the seller was quick on emails and goods were as described, but the postal company (ie Royal Mail) damaged the goods in transit. This would warn other users that if you wish to purchase from this seller, it would be better to ask for a special delivery instead of the standard offered. But at least the seller is still getting a high overall score and so can be trusted. Note that it would not be easy to get a 5 star score.

Premail is for pre-sale emails. Deliv is for delivery speed, costs and condition of packaging. Goods is for condition of goods. Postmail is for after sale emails (ie questions about delivery or dispatch).

Ratings are from A+, which is for better than described or very fast and helpful response, to F- which is for very poor described or no contact. Overall ratings are a combination of all ratings and go from zero to 5 stars.

Note: Goods that are recieved broken will still recieve an A on goods if they were described as broken on the items bidding page. The goods marking is to show that the goods were as described. Any rating below C- is not good at all.

The feedback that I give will always follow the understanding that the seller completes their side of the transaction first when they place the goods into the postal system. My side of the transaction will come last as it is impossible to receive goods before they are sent and, as such, I will only be supplying feedback once I receive the goods. That is the only way I can comment on the whole transaction.

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