My Guide To Buying/Selling A Reborn

Like if this guide is helpful

my experiencing of buying and selling  reborns is huge!!!


I Know what it is like trying to finding the perfect reborn but you go through millions of pages and still no luck? well , i have been through that frustrating isnt it well these are some tips to find the perfecto baby !

  • narrow search down a little.
  • do you have a price range? if so use the price box thats what it is there for simply put in the starting price and then the max price you will pay
  • if you are looking for a pecific collectors baby or sculpt then use the  kind box
  • looking for a baby with brown/blonde/black/red hair? then simply use the accessories box where you fill in what hair colour you want
  • looking for a baby with a specific colour eyes/skin then again go to the accesories box .

Well that is my tips for buying a baby but what about selling .


firstly you might know allready that everything you buy that , that listing had alot of work been put into it but here is some tips to selling

  • at least have 2 photos or even more on  so the buyer or viewer can see the detail in the baby reborn
  • also have useful infomation on
  • tell the buyer about the baby and all the details and what the baby comes with
  • and when the buyer has bought the baby send the invoice straight away and then when paid send straight away so you can get more good feedback and more money .

now that is all the tips i can possibley  give.

Hope My Guide Has Been Useful And Please Vote xxxx

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