My Little Pony

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As long as you love the pony you are looking at buy it!  However beware of what condition you will accept the pony in and set guidelines and read the descriptions.  My daughter and I collect 1980's ponies because we like to share the past and the future and I adore the recent ponies as I do the 1980's ones.  We spend quality time cleaning them up and shining their hair, an in the start this was to be my hobby as a collector, however my daughter has adored them and 'pinched' them and in the end they are being played with and being used for their exact purpose!  and I am 100% sure the ponies love it too, rather than being shived up a loft for 10 years!  Or exploited and untouched! (no disrespected to the true collectors who keep the 80's alive!).  

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