My Little Pony - Ponyville Playsets

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Having a "My Little Pony" Fanatic Daughter, i've been accustomed to having millions of little ponies all over the house for quite a while now!  They get everywhere - and it's not just the ponies - it's their accessories!!  Each My Little Pony comes with at least one hairbrush, some boxed ponies come with little shoes, necklaces, outfits, hairclips, bows and wings - all of which I can guarantee will end up clogging up your unsuspecting vacuum cleaner at some point!

You can therefore imagine my reluctance when Hasbro brought out the new mini Ponyville Sets!!  They are My Little Ponies - but so much smaller!! My daughter went crazy for them, and I tentively gave in and a purchased a My Little Pony Ponyville Set - "Pinkie Pie's House" - hoping it would just be a faze!

Fearing the worse, (and the safety of my vacuum cleaner), I must admit, despite their tiny size, the sets themselves are fantastically made - very sturdy and kid proof - and so very cute!  The sets close up securely enabling you to keep everything inside all in one piece - including all the teeny, tiny pieces of furniture.  The ponies are adorable, and keep my daughter amused for hours!  It's crazy, but there seems to be far less mess from these ponies than their larger predesessors! 

There's a whole range, with new lines appearing every 6 months or so - which are now starting to come down in price, both on the High Street and on Ebay - your child will never tire of the Ponyville range!  As they're so well made, you can pick them up on ebay used, and they still look brand new - great if you're on a budget!

Would highly recommend for little My Little Pony Fans!

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