My Little Pony - Where to start collecting!

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Hi, My names Miranda, and I've been collecting My Little Pony for over 20 years now .. All in all, I have around 1,800! Below is a little picture of some of my collection .. This guide will hopefully answer amost questions alot of new and maybe some old collectors have.

My Little Pony has become increasingly popular the past few years, and with more people taking up collecting, My Little Pony is often a cheap and easy to come by alternative to other ideas.

Ebay is ideal for this. You can find old, MIB, and rare ponies, sometimes at very cheap prices. But Searching can be a confusing process to some, I was new to ebay once and realise how frustrating it can be!

But where to start? Through my website alot of people have asked me questions about collecting and what to look out for. People have also contacted me via my about me page - Click here to see! So I hope this helps ..

Firstly, get used to the basic of My Little Pony, find out what abbreviations mean. For example.. MIB - mint in box, MOC - Mint on card, MIP - Mint in packet, OOAK/Custom - One of a kind pony that someone has repainted, VHTF - Very hard to find, and so on.

Some other pony terms are: TAF - Twice as fancy ponies ponies with a symbol all over their body. SS - So soft ponies with a furry body, TE - Twinkle eyed ponies, BBE - Beddy Bye eyes, ponies that eyes open and shut. G1 - Generation 1 ponies from 1980s, G2 - Generation 2 ponies from the late 1990s and the new G3 - Generation 3 ponies that are available widly now. - These are the basic terms that come up most on ebay, and can be quite confusing to the new collector!

So, where to start with actually collecting. People often ask 'What pony should I collect first?' 'Should it be mint in box? Old? New?' Well, the answer is down to the individual. I got my first pony -Snowflake when I was three, and I still have her today. Some people collect only G1 ponies, or the new G3 ones. Others collect only OOAK ideas. I personally collect whatever pony I like the look of! I have mostly G1, but I also love G3. Whatever pony I fancy can be added to my collection!

Just follow the basic ideas below, and you should be fine :o)

  • Search for My Little Pony  Click here to see!  to start with. It brings up an awful lot, but is worth browsing through. If you are looking for a specific pony ie: Rainbow Dash, then type in My Little Pony Rainbow Dash. Vary the spelling too, sometimes by changing the spelling ie: My Little Pony Rainbowdash, you can really get a bargain and save money!
  • Search Worldwide too. Sometimes a pony in America or Canada for example can be much cheaper, but always check postage.
  • Watch the item in 'my ebay.' Ebay will send you a reminder near to when it is ending, so you can get in and clinch the final bid!
  • ALWAYS look at a sellers feedback. Read others opinion and if your initial feeling is not to bid then don't, another pony will always appear, believe me! I have alot of regular sellers on ebay I use, and I know I can trust them.
  • Set a limit, and stick to it. It isn't worth going way over your spending limit when another pony could be added the very next day and cost you less.
  • Check new items added regulary, you could get a cheapy Buy it now option!
  • Join an ebay group! Its great fun and lets you meet other collectors - they may just have the pony you've been looking for!
  • If you see two ponies you want from one seller, ask them to reduce postage. Alot do for buying multiple items, which can also save money, woohoo! 
  • Check the photos thoroughly, and ask for more if needed. It isn't worth buying a pony if it is full of pen marks or has bad hair cuts *unless you want to make an OOAK of course!*
  • Always leave feedback after recieving an item. And don't be afraid to leave Negative feedback if needed. It lets other buyers know what you thought! Of course, don't leave negative feedback without trying to resolve the issue with the seller first.
  • Know your ponies. Some sellers will say a pony is rare, when infact it isn't. Be aware, and always check things thoroughly.

That is basically how I got started on ebay, I learnt to stick to my limits, and learnt the hard way sometimes! Just be aware of your limits, and check new items added regulary. But above all, have fun and enjoy using ebay, then maybe one day you can too go on to be a truly great My Little Pony collector!

If you'd like anymore help, don't hesitate to contact me through my About Me page .. Happy ebaying!


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