My Mercury's in Retrograde.....

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Are vintage or 'retro' games now more popular than new releases??

So, this weekend I'm sure many will have the following argument - Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Tetris? No? Well I've just had that very debate and it got me thinking... if I was stranded on a (suitably electrically supplied) desert island would I rather have my Wii or my original retro Gameboy? I like them both, I like the playability of the wii, but I like the portability of my Gameboy.... there's only one way to find out - FIGHT!!

No seriously, my point is that with an ever growing 'market' of collectors who are my age (ahem 27) who grew up on the early 1990's Sega/Nintendo scene is the 'Vintage' gaming category set to become as big an industry as the new releases? The PS3 version of the Sega Mega Drive Collection has sold bucketloads proving there is a growing demand for these games and although I do love some of Nintendo's newer versions of classic 'franchises' as the Americans would say, but given the choice I would still rather plump for Super Mario World on my trusted old SNES over any XBOX or Playstation game ever released.

Modern games undoubtedly have their place and without question will continue to gross large profits, but with the dawn of the Sony Playstation in the mid 1990's and it's 'cooler' image did the games industry take a sharp turn at the signpost marked 'fun'.

There is now an ever growing 'Retro' Videogame scene, driven in turn by emulators and magazines like Retro Gamer. In my opinion ebay is helping to create a vibrant and easy way for gamers of a certain age endulge their forever growing habit of taking a cartridge out of a dusty box/jiffy bag and plugging it in to their rare old consoles. Similar to many previous generations before my old Sega Megadrive games have now turned into serious collectors' items reaching asking prices many times over what a new Wii game will set you back. I've witnessed some games that I once owned go for 4 figure sums making the Retro Gaming Scene becoming an 'Investment Hotspot'.

With ebay's help, I'm convinced that this scene is set to grow and grow in the near future and remember that today's games are tomorrow's treasures!


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