My Mont Blanc story put me off EBay for a year

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Think very carefully - from a trustworthy seller it's fine: but buyer beware. There's really no way of knowing, so be aware that it's a risk. It may be that you get the real thing (I did last time, but it took three attempts!). You'll soon know if it's a ballpoint because if a Parker pen refill fits it, it is not genuine. Mont Blanc pen refills have a flat end and are a different shape - you may think that this is a cynical ploy for MB to charge twice as much as a Parker refill, but at least it's a good measure. I guess it may be that some fakes also now have the MB centre. Beware also of cobbled-together pens - like Frankenstein's monster, or, worse, really rubbish copied from Shanghai with MONL BLANC MEISTERSTHCK on the side (bit of a give away).

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