My Vinyl Grades For Used Vinyl

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Like if this guide is helpful

This is just my guide for grading used vinyl and is used on my ebay shop,, I hope it of some use.

Vinyl Grades for Used Vinyl

Stated conditions for a used item at VERSIONSEVEN are for the vinyl only. Grading for the cover should be assumed to be near the grading for the vinyl. If there is significant divergence from the condition of the vinyl, or specific flaws, these will be noted in the points of interest section of the item. However, please be aware that since the emphasis of this site is towards the music listener, our main concern is with the vinyl of any used item we sell. Additionally, please note that all of our records are graded visually; considering the volume of used vinyl we list; it is impossible for us to listen to each record. If we spot any significant flaws, we make every attempt to listen through them and note how they play.

This is what it says, that the record is still held fast in shrink-wrap. In some cases the shrink-wrap may be torn in spots, but if it's not possible the record has been taken out and played, the record will still qualify as "sealed".

Black vinyl that may show a slight amount of dust and/or dirt.
Should still be very shiny under a light, even with slight amount of dust on surface.
One or two small marks that would make an otherwise near perfect record slightly less so. These marks cannot be too deep, and should only be surface marks that won't affect play, but might detract from the looks.
May have some flaws and discolouration in the vinyl, but only those that would be intrinsic to the pressing. These should dissapear when the record is tilted under the light, and will only show up when looking straight at the record.
May have some slight marks from aging of the paper sleeve on the vinyl.
Possible minor surface noise when played.

Vinyl should be very clean, but can have less lustre than near mint.
Should still shine under a light, but one or two marks may show up when tilted.
Can have a few small marks that may show up easily, but which do not affect play at all. Most marks of this quality will dissappear when the record is tilted, and will not be felt with the back of a finger nail.
This is the kind of record that will play "near mint", but which will have some signs of use (although not major ones).
May have slight surface noise when played.

Vinyl can have some dirt but nothing major.
May not shine under light, but should still be pretty clean and not too dirty.
May have a number of marks (5 to 10 at most), and obvious signs of play, but never a big cluster of them, or any major mark that would be very deep. Most marks should still not click under a finger nail.
May not look near perfect, but should play fairly well, with slight surface noise, and the occasional click in part of a song, but never throughout a whole song or more.
This is clearly a copy that was played by someone a number of times, but which could also be a good "play copy" for someone new.

Vinyl may be dirty, or have one outstanding flaw, such as a light residue, which could be difficult to clean.
May have marks on all parts, too many to qualify as very good or several deeper marks, but the record should still be ok for play without skips.
In general, this is a record that was played a fair amount, and handled without care. A typical example may be a record which has been heavily played by a DJ, and carries marks from slip cueing. Depending on the quality of the vinyl, may play with surface noise throughout.

This a grade we rarely use, as we try not to sell records in very bad condition, though in some rare cases we will list a record in such bad shape that it does not conform to the standards above. A "fair" record will have enough marks or significant flaws that it does not even qualify as "good", but is a copy you might consider playing, if you are willing to put up with the noise and/or flaws. An example might be a recording with surface noise so heavy that it is equal to the volume of the music. For records listed as "fair", we will describe the extent of the condition in the comments.

Like "fair", we rarely list records in this condition, as they represent the extreme low end of the spectrum. These records typically have multiple serious problems, and we offer them as "relics" or "objects" only -- for those who want to at least have a copy of the record, even if it is not really worthy of play, perhaps for the cover alone. For these records, we will describe the extent of the condition in the comments.

If something is noteworthy, we try to note it in the comments -- especially if it is an oddity that is the only wrong thing about the record. This might include, but isn't limited to, warped records, tracks that skip, cover damage or wear as noted above, or strictly cosmetic flaws.

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