My baby wouldn't eat savoury food... Now he will !

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I have recently weaned my son (age just 7 months now) but then just after he wasn't very well and wouldn't eat his food. To get him to eat I was feeding him fruit pots and petite filous. Basically without realising it he was only eating sweet foods. I was getting stressed because everytime I tried giving him savoury food he spat it out and cried until he got something he liked. I was stuck in a rut and didnt know how to get out of it. Anyway in decided to 'go back to basics'.  I put my son back onto baby rice for about 3 days - no other type of solid food. this re-adjusted his tastebuds to the milky flavour of the baby rice (which he liked). After 3 days I slowly introduced carrot puree or courgette purree into the baby rice for one meal - I left the breakfast just as plain baby rice as I didn't think carrots for breakfast was much fun!!!! Then I continued baby rice for breakfast and wet back to normal savoury dishes for the other meals. I slowly introduced a small yoghurt or banana and milk for breakfast but only gave savoury finger food. This finger food was getting him used to savoury flavours but feeding himself which is what he likes. Now everything is normal and I am soooo pleased I persevered as it makes mealtime less stressful and we are all happy. Please contact me if you feel I can help in any way. Good luck.

Now two months later it is still working although I do find he is a little devil for sweet stuff - just like his Dad!
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