My eBay Business - by Dan Skidmore

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Hi there my name is Dan Skidmore and im currently studying marketing at the university of lincoln, and i have joined the eBay network to start a new business venture. I have found through experiences through friends and family that they have lots of bits and bobs around there homes they dont want to use anymore, so ebay would be the obvious suggestion. If its ever suggested they seem to shrug their shoulders as if its too much hastle, so i had an idea. I thought what people need is a middle man through the whole process, someone to take the time to put there products out there and keep an eye on them to get the most money for that product for them. Its something i have heard a couple of people around my area have done and its had a good response from people. I am currently situated in the oxfordshire area out of term times and in Lincoln in term times. So if people need any help getting something sold because they havent got any time on their hands then get hold of me and i can help you sell them to take that weight off your shoulders. My phone number is 07791315541, and my eBay account name is DJSkid1988,  so hope to here from you all, happy selling. x
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