My experience with BMW Angel eye kits Ultra-bright

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Quite a while ago I bought an angel-eye headlight kit for my 5 series BMW from a seller on ebay.  I'd left my feedback and all was fine, but I would like the opportunity to elaborate more on these kits with the benefit of months of experience with them.

These kits are identified as being "ultra-bright" and easy to install.  They are quite easy to install if you're reasonably good with soldering and wiring and car DIY.  I managed to have them installed in a few hours, but the story isn't all good.  My first experience was that these angel-eye rings weren't a direct replacement for my regular side-lights.  When I unplugged the side-light bulb from its socket and wired up the new ring light, my indicator came on at the side I was working.  It didn't flash and wasn't very bright, but it stayed on when I had my sidelights on because its a clever BMW trick to give you an emergency side-light when the car can't detect a working side-light bulb.  I was forced to keep my original bulb in and working strapped to a wire on the inside of the engine bay in order to stop the indicator coming on in this fashion.  The second problem is that I feel these lights are definitely not bright enough.  My car was due its MOT and my mechanic wasn't sure if they were legally bright enough to pass. 

All in all I would advise that you don't put these lights in your BMW.  It simply takes away from the amazing workmanship that defines BMW cars.  I wish I had just saved a bit more and replaced my existing headlight cluster with a proper BMW angel eye set and not bothered with the inexpensive **** I polluted my car with.  There are many seemingly good headlight sets available on ebay for a few hundred pounds.  Save a little longer and buy them instead.
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