My feelings on postage costs.

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One of my pet peeve's is someone who buy's an item on ebay and then (after the fact) make's a complaint about the postage cost's! Firstly apart from wrapping the item and taking it to the post office, it is very difficult to put an exact price on postage, most of the time it is an educated estimate. Some members see a postage cost, for example £2 and assume that that is the actual cost for posting but it's not! A percentage of that cost is for packaging! Not everyone has an abundance of packaging supplies at home so if they sold a very large and brittle glass bowl on ebay, they would then need to buy plenty of bubble wrap or foam and a sturdy box, plus, all that packaging adds weight to the original item, for example: bubble wrap =£2 sturdy box = £3.50 postage cost = £5.50 putting the advertised postage cost at £11. Some members even need to add travelling costs (if they live miles from a post office), although this isn't advisable I believe that is the right of the seller.

Considering all this, if for example you wanted to purchase a Dyson hoover. You know that the true value or what you want to pay is £200. If you see a listing with free postage and packaging you can bid up to £200. Now if you see a listing where the postage and packeging cost is £55 you can bid up to £145.

Some sellers put the price they want for the item in the postage to avoid ebay fees and I think that is wrong but I honestly believe it is the right of the seller to charge what they like for postage. As a buyer you are able to concider the postage BEFORE placing a bid. At the end of the day if you disagree with the postage costs DO NOT bid its as simple as that!

If you search for an item on ebay and see what you want but its only got 30 seconds left, if you bid and win you are agreeing to everything that is stated in the listing including the postage costs wether you read the listing or not! It is not the sellers fault that you did not read it and if there is something that you disagree with, you are the victim of your own risk taking.

My advice is simple: Never bid on something you have only looked at for seconds. Always read the listing fully. If you disagree with anything in the listing, simple put DO NOT BID. Lastly if you need any more info, ask the seller a question.

I hope this has helped? Happy ebaying all!

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