My first Email threat Thanks hardcnut

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Although I opened this account a couple of years ago, it is only recently that I started using it.

 I do buy stuff but mostly sell all sort of different items. I did not realized I made huge mistake with the posting and prices on a few items (newbie here). So today I got an email from HARDCNUT. Instead of asking me if there was something wrong with the listing etc, he simply emailed me the following:   

 Dear brahmakraft,

you think you can get away with selling stuff on here with £199 postage.mate you have just dug a big hole for yourself with ebay and the police,esp that we now have your address we will be paying you a visit con artists like you will be banned and investigated fully and prosecuted.

- hardcnut

Obviously it all has been fixed. You have to understand that I am new to this and am still getting the hang of things. I have to be honest and say that I had a huge argument this evening with my sister before receiving this email, and I was in a very bad mood, so I replied to him with a simple: 'go fuck yourself'. Yes, I know, it was very rude of me and having had an argument with somebody is not an excuse. I know. But am just telling it like it happend

 Am guessing he didnt like the reply, when I got yet another lovely email from this person saying:

 Dear brahmakraft,

thanks i will do but will pay you a visit sometime this week and you can say what you did to my mate Stanley.see you soon buddy at 10 Newburgh st .it will be fun chatting to you as you seem like such a lovely person we really look forward to meeting you.cheers pal all the best.x

- hardcnut

 To be honest, that scared the living hell out of me so I reported to Ebay and to the Police as well. After doing this I sent him another email telling him so; my exacts words: ' Just for your information, your threats have been passed on to both ebay and the police. Should you show up in here, they will know about it

Have a great night!'

 I haven't heard anything else from this user after this (if I do I will update in here). But am still frightened this psycho is going to show up in my house and with his 'mate Stanley' and beat a female.

 Anyway, I dont know if this is the right place to do this. But I need it to get it off my chest.

 thank you all for reading
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