My horrendous James Oliver Conservatory

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The conservatory was finished 9 weeks ago, apart from the laminate flooring which they would have laid immediately but I would not let them as I knew the concrete slab had to dry out.  Unfortunately, I paid all what I owed apart from £500.  Within a few days, the damp appeared.  Their bricklayer came to have a look and dismanted the blockwork on the stub wall where the damp appeared to be coming from underneath.  The whole wall, insulation was sopping wet.  He said he could not understand it and leave it to dry out.  The company then tried to deny the wall had been wet. just a bit of watery egress!  I got a structural engineer in the next day and his report was damning -  - slab not even 3" thick in places, cavity only 50ml, membrane inconsistent, the list was endless.  His damp meter screamed damp anywhere he put it!  Now there is mould and spores growing on exposed brickwork and I have a lung disorder!  To-date, Jim Oliver has done nothing despite my request for him to come and inspect the negligent and shoddy work his workeforce has done.  He is stalling me at the moment stating he is taking "professional and legal advise so as I am completely satisifed".  If he doesn't sort this out soon to my satisfaction, I shall be outside his plush showrooms, showing my structural engineer's report and photos to all his potential customers and, hopefully, saving them from all the anxiety, stress etc which we are being put through.
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