My new Kindle

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My new kindle is really great, I read a lot and find I want to read when the tv is showing rubbish repeats.

I have got some c.ds off ebay with lots of books on them, these have a .mobi extension and are simple to drag into a file that is on my computer by using the usb that is included with my kindle.

 I can adjust the text and I can read it without any specs, if I fall asleep when reading, the Kindle turns off after a while, and when I switch it back on, it goes to the page I was reading.

or I can change my title and still get the last page kept in the memory. 

The Kindle can handle 3.500 books.

The battery charge holds for 14 hrs, I recommend you take the charger when going away as if you read a lot the charge can soon go down. I wish I had bought my Kindle a long time ago, it saves me filling my bedroom with books and storing them. So if you are considering buying a kindle, I can definitely recommend it........ 

so if you are considering buying a Kindle





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