My selling tips to help you get more cash

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Hey everyone

Here are my tips to get a good price for your items

1... Always take your own picture's (Dont use stock picture's)

2... Always use a Gallery picture as its cheap and helps to get buyers look

3... Try to give details on the condition as buyers want to know!

4... Dont over charge on postage costs

5... Try to respond fast and always be polite

6... You need to accept paypal! as you get a lot less if you accept cheques or postal orders only

7... Always leave a gap between words on your title of what you are selling as those words are your tabs i.e you find your listing by those key words

8... Dont start your listing with a high price as buyers will not buy but if you start at 99p you will be shocked how fast the price goes up

Well thats about it - Just to let you know i started my ps3 (playstation 3) at 99p and got £416 for it

I hope my tips help and this guide helps all you new sellers on ebay


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