My tips for Selling on ebay and keeping buyers happy

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I remember when I first sold something on ebay, I was both nervous and excited, but found there was just to much to read on ebay, and found little information that was helpful, I hope this helps and new sellers.

1. Use the header put as much in as possible if your selling a Amplifier add words like Amplifier, Amp, HIFI, separate, Audiophile, The make and Model. Think how you search for an item yourself, what words would you use.

This is an example I have found ………A&R 32.………… It was a Cambridge Audio AR 32 Amplifier, it sold for £32.00 and was worth I reckon £150.00

I was always advised that it is easier to read lower case RATHER THAN CAPITALS, you Decide.

2. Make sure the description is honest , don’t lie, and if an item is damaged mention it, I collect Bossons heads and often, see has a little paint loss and could be easily restored, then I look at the photo and looks like its been kicked around a football pitch, and if its easy to restore then restore it.

Here is an actual description I found for a bundle of silver items,

nice,s one,s vase date letter ?maker w,s. verry late holmarks, pot date letter old b maker mark w,d mustard pot i think date markA maker w,d , shaker date mark A maker mark w,d ,,,,,,,,happy,,,,, bidding,,, .............. I have know idea what they were trying to say, and don’t forget to use the spell checker.

3. Photo’s the one thing I see all the time poor quality pictures, make sure you get a good picture, make sure you have plenty of light, take lots of pictures until you get it right, and phones don’t make good cameras for taking quality pictures. Below are a couple of examples.


4. Add postage to the listing, make sure that it is an honest price, I have seen a Sky digital box advertised at 99p with postage £34.99, it will cost £7.20 to post, I did ask If he would mind me collecting, his answer is unrepeatable. If you include the postage you won't keep getting asked the same question, How much is postage?

5. When the item sells and the buyer has paid, email them with a courtesy thank you and when you will be sending, I do with all my sales, but very few do the same when I buy.

6. If you have made an error, or the item is not as you described, bite your lip and refund it, I know no one likes giving refunds, but know likes being ripped off, and it keeps your feedback good, and more people will buy from you.

I hope this helps, It is not intended to teach people to suck eggs, I just remember how nervous and excited I was when I started, so I thought I would share my experience's with others.

Happy Selling.

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