My top ten selling tips (hard earned!)

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Number 1
Of course you look at the sellers numbers of sales and rating, and one time about  25 used to be enough. I think the figure is now 2-300 personally. Why? Well its not hard to get 25 purchases and 100% from buying 25 Biros at 50p. That's £13 to buy a rating. Similarly getting 15000 is probably not that hard if you are a business selling nuts and bolts or consumables. So the number of sales and rating you look for depends on the type of seller and what they sell. I am around 1000 on purely personal purchases since 2001 and if people really use eBay and can be trusted then it needs a few hundred sales or purchases to shows a consistency ( i do wish eBay split no of sales and no of purchases) .
And there are other factors. A good trading record counts for nothing if the business changes hands or as we see happening - second generation eBay shop owners take over.  

But I have had my worst run ins with computer sellers. In particular the muppets who used to sell on all the rubbish that came back from insurance claims or was DOA when it got in the customer's hands. Probably the buyer didn't like it, couldn't really afford it, are purchase addicts or just wanted one as a toy but got bored after a few hours. So they trash it and claim. The retailer writes it off to wastage and they never check it when it comes back. The reason is that the PC Worlds of this world increasingly tie their Chinese suppliers with such tough contracts that all failures are claimed for regardless of cause. To get their money back all they have to do is just pile dead product into the empty containers that go back to China on those empty container ships and send it back to the maker (thats the god of cheap Chinese goods). Zero wastage. 

But a few years back at lot would appears on eBay. I tried buying motherboards from these sellers to repair laptops which my children were eating through at the rate of one every six months. "Daaad... I need to use top notch mainstream Adobe Illustrator for my school project and this laptop wont run it" "OK have mine" (goodee...., time for an upgrade). After my third failure I realised the descriptions were poetry. "Screen cracked, works". - means one pixel on bottom left corner lights up. "Working" means the fans whirr but nothing else. "Appears to work" this should read "appears" as in "look, it can be seen", followed by "to work" meaning travail. Proper translation would be  "looks like travail" ie looks like work, which it turns out to be. Dealing with them illustrates the issue well, in that there is no phone number or the number is manned for a certain 5 minutes each hour but they dont say which 5 minutes.

And then finally a no 37 spotty sherbert  answers. Such people are internet customer facing nerds or the equivalent of the IT Crowd crossed with PC World. People skills they do not possess. But they do have a fantastically honed  knack of making you feel a guilty stupid moronic complainer with their first three words. How to handle it? Simply switch to a BBC or better still a firm school teacher voice. Remember they had nerd parents they never spoke to so the teacher is authority voice no 1. "Firstly I have bought and owned 20 top of the range laptops" only a slight exaggeration. And continue that way until you manage to break them down and they become your best friend.

Oh and the lastly the reason I found this opportunity to rant was because i am trying to expose a CNC milling machine scam. I want try and scam the scammer somehow like ask them to send me  £150 for my  fare to come and see the machine in Shetland. Who the hell has a state of the art CNC milling machine on Shetland?

lesson 2 soon if you are interested??
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