N35 Acer PDA/GPS.

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I bought an Acer N35 for the sat.nav. system being a professional driver, and for a short time was happy enough with its performance, albeit sometimes slightly inaccurate information.

However, if you have one of these units, or are considering buying one, there is a major factor to be considered:-

When using the N35 Acer PDA, be aware that the 26pin connector at the bottom of the unit is very weak, and whilst using in accordance with Acer instructions i.e. use charger in car, it is liable to break off the connector. Similarly, be very gentle when attaching charger or USB connector for the same reason. Acer do not accept this weak point as being a warranty issue, and will charge more for repairing this fault than the cost of a new unit. There are some real horror stories on various websites pertaining to this issue e.g. new units that lasted less than two weeks, and if you want to avoid heartache, then do not expect any help from Acer (16 phone calls to their helpline before the courtesy of a reply and then only to tell me to send the unit back for repair at the cost of £200.00.

If you cannot get any satisfaction from Acer, then there is a company in Swindon called Mikrolive who will carry out the necessary repairs for £80.00 plus VAT and postage.

All in all it would be better to spend a little more money and purchase a more robust unit. I would like to hear from anyone who has an issue with Acer over this problem.


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