N91,N93,N70,N72,N73,N80,W800,W900 FROM CHINA

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There are in Ebay many sellers from China who sell very expensive mobile phones at very low prices. They usually have a 100% feedback from 10 sellers. If you go to read their feedback you will find that the sellers who left them a positive feedback have a "0" feedback. How can this happen?
 Few days ago I have bid on one of these cheeters for a NOKIA  N91 for 82pounds. The bidding closed at 122pounds. After a while I had a messsage of second chanse offer.
We had a conversation with the seller and I finally agreed to buy this phone. So I bought It, through Ebay offcourse and till now I haven't seen my phone and the seller as it was expected doesn't answer to my emails
To be fair there are some good ones.
So be carefull where are you looking at!
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