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Like if this guide is helpful

This is my first guide so here goes,

I just read the guide posted by 187madden, which was in some ways helpful but does not explain everything to watch out for. So I decided to add to this guide, but as I cannot just simply add to his/her guide Im making this one in hope that ebayers can avoid such scams.

orig guide; "N95 8GB SCAM ALERT"

Remember as ebayer's you need to make sure you read all of the listing, here are a few things to watch for;

First thing as mentioned is to look out for the standard old N95 with a 8GB memory card being listed as "N95 8GB", the newer N95 8GB DOES NOT have a memory card slot so there is no way the memory can be expanded, something the soon to be released N96 has solved.

There is a few things to watch out for, so I will try to keep it to the point and state as many as possible.

First off the listing title, if you read anything showing N95 8GB with extra memory card (ie 1GB) then this again is the older N95.

With some new N95 8GB's they come with the spiderman movie preinstalled which CANNOT be moved, so if there is anything like the movie on a seperate memory card, again that is another scam!

The newer N95 8GB is all black, but some sellers have simply listed the older N95 with a black housing/case. Making it look like the newer N95 8GB. Here again if the memory is on a memory card and not internal then this is another scam. There are also 2 other MAJOR points to look out for

1- The newer N95 8GB uses a newer "BL-6F" battery, so check the pictures to see if you can spot the battery, if not then ask for a "real picture" of the handset and battery is listed or sent to you. The old N95 uses the "BL-5F" battery, which does not last as long or use the same technology as the newer model. These batteries CANNOT be switched around, meaning you cannot use the standard N95 battery in the newer N95 8GB phone!

2- The newer N95 8GB has no cover for the back camera, it looks like a lens and flash as one. The older standard N95 has a lense cover. So again look out for this in the pictures listed, if you cant see this in the pictures ask for "real pictures" to be listed or sent to you via email.

I wouldnt recommend buying from outside UK, or handsets imported from other countries which are like or fake N95 8GB's. Most of these imported handsets do not have all the features of the N95 8GB, like the built in GPS and 3G/HSDPA(or also known as 3.5G). Some of them dont even support the networks in the UK!

These are the most obvious points to look out for, besides from them I would recommend you read the features/tech spec differences.

Basic spec for the standard N95


  • Volume 90cc
  • Weight 120g
  • Length 99mm
  • Width 53mm
  • Thickness (max) 21mm

Memory Functions

  • Up to 160MB internal dynamic memory
  • Memory card slot supporting up to 8 GB microSD memory cards

Basic spec for the N95 8GB


  • Volume 96cc
  • Weight 128g
  • Length (max) 99mm
  • Width (max) 53mm
  • Thickness (max) 21mm

Memory Functions

  • Up to 100 MB internal dynamic memory
  • Up to 8 GB internal flash memory

Notice the basic differences such as the weight and the internal dynamic memory.

I hope this is helpfull for all ebayers.

If you want to know the full specifications of each handset please visit the nokia site, I cannot post the link in this guide as its not allowed.

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