N95 phone scam alert

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there are some people who are tryng to scam people selling Nokia N95 phones. this is what they will do:

Once they see that you have listed your phone they will send you a question in which they will ask you to sell them the phone immediately. to lure you they will offer you an unbelievably high price like £550 for a used N95 8GB phone and ask you to reply to them to their personal email adress and not thru ebay. if you reply to their email they will tell you that they will deposit the money into your paypal account if you give them your email adress, now if you give them you paypal email adress they will send you a fake message from paypal telling you about the deposit. after this they will then ask you to post the phone to an adress that is oversees mostly Nigeria. What they want is to steal the phone from you without  depositing any money    into your paypal account.

i therefore kindly urge you to tell anyone who wants to buy a phone from you to bid for the phone and win it.These sacmmers will even send you a fake email from Ebay saying if you do not post the phone your account will be suspended or closed. So lets work together to stop these scammers. if you get such a question just forward it to ebay customer services please

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