NCSoft's latest MMO - Aion

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NCSoft have managed to build up an enviable reputation as a publisher of popular and successful MMOs. City of Heroes, City of Villians, Lineage and Guild Wars have been popular with gamers across the world. NCSoft's latest offering is called Aion, due for release in the US and Europe at the end of September 2009. The game itself has already been live in Asia for a couple of years, and has quickly built up a solid playerbase.

Aion is named for the fantasy god who created a world called Atreia. This world of Atreia was a paradise. In the center of this paradise, the god placed the Tower of Eternity, in which his essence was housed--a personalized form of the most magical of the five elements, Aether. This Aether energetically fed the world ofAtreia and sustained and nourished her.

Atreia would soon enough fall from grace. Aion had created a race of beings called Drakan to rule over the humans of his world. These Drakan, as their name implies, were dragon-like: fierce and able to fly. Their punishments were swift and fierce, too, but they were just.Neverthless, as it happens, the Drakan became haughty and self-centered with their powers over Atreia and so they transformed into the Balaur. If the Drakan were dragon lords, the Balaur are sheer demons. Even their physical appearance has dramatically changed from what it originally was. And the Balaur, like Lucifer and his Angelic cohorts, rebelled against the will of Aion and sought to enslave all of Atreia even as they broke with their Creator. Whoever and whatever would not bow to their will they slaughtered and destroyed.

The humans fought the new Balaur, but they were no match for them. Responding to their prayers, Aion created a group of 12 Empyrean Lords (and Ladies) by imbuing them with some of his Aetheric life force. He also gave them and a new race of once-human immortals called Daevas the power of flight. Aion also protected the Tower and much of Atreia with an Aetheric Field. The Empyrean Lords became the new leaders of the humans, and they and their Daevas were able to fight the Balaur.

The war between the two foes lasted for 1,000 years before Lord Israphel caused great contention on high by attempting to negotiate peace with the Balaur. He and Lady Siel lowered the Aetheric Field and let in the Balaur delegation. But one of the Balaur Lords was suddenly struck down - no-one knows who did it. Now within the Field and enraged at betrayal, the Balaur attacked and rent the Tower of Eternity in two.

As a player of Aion, you will be either an Elyos human from the lower half of the Tower (the Tower of Light) or an Asmodian human from the upper half, the Tower of Darkness. The Balaur and the other faction of humans are your sworn and hated enemies (each human side blames the other for the Tower's semi-destruction). Thus you play a "Player vs. Player vs. Environment online game!
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