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Hi, I am still quite new to ebay...although i have used it to buy and sell many times...but through other people.I finally thought its about time i made a name for myself.

Having owned a Tow Bar centre and currantly a Car sales site...i had some surplus Bars that had sat on the shelf for near 2 years...some alloys...a mini cooper steering wheel!

So ithought to myself why not get something back for what they cost!! All went on auction...all was sold on auction...the normal questions were sent..How long will delivery take etc...normal answers given...approx 2-3 days..all looked great while i was clocking up how much i had got from Ebay...and what the kids would have as a treat!!!!...THEN CAME THE MAIL FROM HELL!!!!

Guy from Belgium asking how long it will take for the mini wheel to be delivered? i politly replied and said was he arranging postage?and if not i will have to get a which the stern reply was i dont think!!! you clearly stated £20 for delivery,and that is what i will pay.

I again politly informed this articulate Belgium man that there was no way i would be sending to Belgium for £20...which would have given me a further loss of £32...(postage i later found out was £52 on priority) let alone the air bag steering wheel that i had paid £250 for some 2 mths previous and not needed...and he having won the bid at £87!!

So now comes the good bit...he agreed to this much at my amazement and delight...i even sent him the courior prove i hadnt made a penny on the delivery cost!

So i obviously sat waiting for my 5th good feed back comment...when a mail came via ebay from state that if i didnt return him 35 euro towards postage then i would recieve bad feedback!!! i asked was all okay with delivery?...are you happy with your bargain?...whats the prob? which i recieved 4 further emails to state the same threat! now i thought okay...lets get in contact with Ebay...let them know whats going on...i cant be threatened like this...he wont get away with it!...suddenly now my guy...even my parrot became so less important while i sit staring at the screen every 5 min to wait for the support of Ebay against what i can only call a bully!!..and of course checking if he had proved his salt as more evil person around!

When the reply did come i kinda had to re-re-re-re-re read!!!!!! 


He could threaten whatever he liked and unless there was one of the rules broken...he could do as he liked(thats not how Ebay wrote...but thats what i read it as)

By the time i had sent 5 mails back to plead could they at least read the mails from here and block him from leaving a lie as a feed back...i saw You have mail...YES,,u got it...I had recieved just what he had promised....WHEEL IN VERY BAD SHAPE..AND NO WORKING ORDER,IMPOLITE UK MEMBER..! okay..i thought sod Ebay..Sod Belgium least i will leave him a negative and warn others about him?......WRONG....As i typed leave feed back a pop up came on....PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE CHANGED FEED BACK...SELLERS CAN NOW ONLY LEAVE POSITIVE FEED BACK OR NONE AT ALL!!!!!OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So heres my advise

NO1 -State clearly on all ads postage not only to UK but that it will be alot more if abroad!!!!

NO 2-Have a witness with you when you wrap up the parcel...just to verify condition of item...had i done this trust me i would be suing his Belgium Pants off by now!!!!!!!

No 3-Read all Ebays rules and regulations....will save you the 4 days i wasted in emails for help!!!

and there you have it...i have 7 feed backs all 6 are.... great member...yet i only have 87%!!!!!!!


Thanks for reading this and good luck to u all on your sales and purchases!


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