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I wish to complain about unfair negative feedback. Yes I agree, we all make mistakes and there are times when we all should receive a negative feedback score, but I think it should be made illigal to leave negative feedback until at least you have had the opportunity to solve the problem for the customer. I try so hard to help my customers, I refund if the item does not fit or they don't like the item, etc, but I still get negative feedback when Royal Mail loose an item. I feel this is beyond my control and ebay should outlaw this practice. Yes, some ebayers are unfair to customers, but it should be harder to leave unfair comments, when a good ebayer has done nothing to earn negative feedback. If you are a good ebay, once a customer has contacted you with a problem, you will try and solve it as a matter of course. If you don't then you deserve the negative feedback.

If you feel the same as me, please e-mail ebay and see if we can change the system for good ebayers that get penalised by customers who just leave negative feedback before they contact you and let you know there is a problem., as how are we as good ebayers supose to know an item has not arrived unless the customer tells us.

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