NEW Paypal imitation SCAM

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I have very nearly fell for the latest scam thats doing the rounds and want to warn you of it.

It went as follows :-

I recieved an email from Paypal confirming my payment of a Laptop from abroad (Apparentley bought on eBay). On the email was a notice saying ' If you have not authourised this payment, please click here. After picking myself up off the floor from the shock of the $255 payment I had supposedly just made, I clicked on the link.

There I was presented with  the Paypal log in page - Asking for my email address and password to log in and report to Paypal to claim back the money.

I must admit that I did enter my email address but sensed something was amiss before continuing.

I then checked on my internet banking to check for any payments to Paypal but there was none.

I then went onto the Paypal website and checked my account and GUESS WHAT !! No money was missing !!


The email I was sent was identical to the genuine one and therewas even an item number and eBay page with the laptop on it with me as ythe winner. The scammers are hoping that after reading the email,You panic and log in without thinking. I nearly did !!

This is there latest way of getting your personal info so please be aware of this scam.

Hope this helps.

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