NEW Samuari Swords/Katanas

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Now leaving scamming to on oneside for a moment,there are plenty of Genuine NEW Katanas to be had for the collector or Martial Arts Enthusiast.

Collectors and Users will or should already be aware of what to look for in a REAL Katana.

1. High Carbon Steel blade traditionally made with a 40 edge and 60 back for full flexibility when cutting.

2. The blade should be either Water or Oil quenched at a temp of 517 Deg C ( the colour of the moon ) if not it's useless and only good for the bin

3.The blade must be Clay Tempered to give the correct Hamon

4.Blades usually take 1 month to manufacture and are therefore very expensive to buy ( upwards of £1200 ) for a half decent blade.

Remember a truely Genuine Traditionally made blade is meant to last many hundreds of years and is in part a capsulation of the true Samuari code and road to Bushido.

Now although Japanese in origin the Chinese were making swords with straight blades for the Japanese in 400 AD until the Japanese started to manufacture their own with a slightly curved blade taken from the Indonesian "Pakka".

So now you can confidently purchase a Katana from China providing it meets with the above specifications knowing it is not a load of junk.

I hope that this has put things back into perspective a little for those of you who wish to collect or use NEW Katanas.










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