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Nigerian eBay Scam. A version from February 2010.

I was the victim of an attempted Nigerian Scam during February 2010. This is how they tried to get my item without paying for it.

1- A 0 Feedback eBayer emailed just before the ending of the listing asking which PayPal account I would like payment to be credited to. Tried to win trust by saying that a prompt payment would be recieve. No mention of Nigeria.

2- eBayer won bidding for the item. Did not pay promptly and didnt return any emails.

3- Next day email recieved that appears to be from PayPal. States that the scammer has paid, and added extra money.

4- Personal email from the scammer saying that they bought the item for a co-worker on a chemical paint seminar in Nigeria. Also states that they have added the extra money to fund postage to Lagos in Nigeria. Demands that the item is sent via Royal Mail International Delivery and that you reply with the tracking number.

The email that appears to be from PayPal looks very convincing. However the scammers change the name so it appears to be from Service @ PayPal The address the email actual came from was 'paypal-customercare @ (spaces to avoid hyperlinks) , which of course is not PayPal. Another give away about the email are the very crude Freight Company logos at the foot of the email. These were DHL, FedEx, UPS and Royal Mail logos.

Who the email was from - notice how it is two different addresses.

What the logos at the foot of the scammers 'PayPal' email looked like.


Also, My eBay should state that you have still not recieved payment for an item.

Before sending any item, check your PayPal account to see if the money has arrived.

The scammers use different ways every time, so next time it may be completely different.

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