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I have have been a member of ebay for a while & have only just started selling things, in actual fact it was my second item (Playstation 2 with 34 games) The item had just been sold & was sold to a person who had just signed up to ebay that day and that they wanted to keep all their feedback private (First alarm bell) I then printed a postage label and the address given was, London, London, London & a very strange postcode (second alarm bell). The next day i rec'd an e-mail from "pal pal USA" saying that they have rec'd payment from the buyer and they would forward it to my account once we sent a shipping tracker id number as they wanted us to send it to Nigeria within 7hrs! (very large third alarm bell) Then we rec'd another e-mail from the person who bought the item saying they have sent payment to paypal and to make sure we send a shipping tracking number, we then promptly rec'd another e-mail from "ebay" saying that because we haven't sent the item within 7hrs we were going to have a mark against my name as a non item sent and that we would be struck off from ebay (massive fourth alarm bell) I then forwarded all the e-mails to e-bay spoof e-mails and they quickly responded that they were all fake or spoof e-mails! I then checked out the very strange postcode on the net and there was no such postcode. So please be aware that you receive payment before dispatching an item and that if you are unsure about the buyer contact e-bay straight away & to report any suspicious e-mails. I am one of the lucky ones that did not get caught by this scam but i can see why it is easy to get scammed by these people.

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