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I WAS selling a blackberry bold on ebay for £80 or a buy it now price for £120  i advertised the item for one day and wanted a quick sale as i wanted to by myself a iphone... i had a email from a man from nigeria saying he was interested in my phone and offered me £200 for the item i thought great... wanted a quick sale and got more money then i orginally asked for this man bugged me for a few days saying the money would be in my pay pal account instantly and would be avaliable to use... i gave the man my pay pal email address to send the money to me promtly then i recieved a email frm paypal saying i must send the item first and send them the tracking number before the funds are avaliable to use i thought thats fair i sent the item recorded delivery costing me £20 p and p i then rang up pay pal to see if the money could be avaliable in my paypal asap as i sent the item as promised.. THE PAYPAL MAN SAID IT WAS A SCAM AND THAT PEOPLE FROM NIGERIA ALWAYS DO THESE KINDS OF ACTS.. ive now lost a phone and now out of pocket... i reported this to the police and tried to get my item back from royal mail and the royal mail said once item is posted i have no authortie to recieve the item back and i thought hang on a min ive sent a item to a scam artitst and not allowed my phone back which i paid for out of my own money.. JUSTICE or what this is disgusting that u sell something and u cant get it back and the buyer didnt even pay for it... im a 23 year old women who was just advertising a phone to get a better one... BEWARE OF PEOPLE FROM NIGERIA DONT FALL INTO THERE TRAP AND NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY TO U BEACUSE THEY DO IT TO MAKE U BELIEVE AND THEN U FALL INTO THERE TRAP THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND NOTHING BUT FRAUDSTERS!!!


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