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OK. So I bought a game from Hong Kong that I thought was too good to pass up. It was only 14.50 compared to 35.00 in the store. So I called my sister and said you'll never have to pay big bucks for these games again. I found these really good deals!!!! Then 2 weeks later the game (Mario Kart) came in. Popped it in the DS and walllllllaaa! I was right! It worked fine. So like any good customer I left + feedback. I was so happy that I went out and bought another DS at Walmart so I could challenge my husband to a game of Mario Kart. That's when it all went wrong and I will never buy another game from Hong Kong. The games are bootlegs and will NOT download to play multi player. After it was too late I also realized the way to tell a fake is on the little game cartridge itself it should have a nintendo emblem on it. (you know, the multi pointed star). Also these games are not new, and DS's can be infected by viruses, just like your computer. Moral of the story, buy your ds games from Wal Mart. NOT HONG KONG.
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