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After looking about for a nice skyline import i discovered quite a few, but some are so callled unregistered imports selling cheap with no reserve, that got me a little suspicious so after a few phone calls includeing customs and dvla i discovered to my horror i would be liable for the import duty when i register the car, hence why they are so cheap to buy, but thye are not as you will be liable and this could and often runs into hundreds even thousands of pounds so be very aware of this as some sellers wont tell you this and you will be in for  bank breaking shock. the unregistered car has actually been registered even in another country so you wont be the first the register the car it probably has had many owners and no proper history so you could be buying an ex drift car that basically had the guts thrashed out of hence why it was probably originally sold so could be buying scrap, ask yourself if the car is so great why so cheap, why would the seller have gone to the trouble to import then suddenly sell without registering it, as it would be much more valueble registered and much more of  better investment. these cars generally have poor history so be very careful do your homework i almost didnt and would have got stung big time. and i dont want anyone else whos worked hard for the money to buy there dream car only to buy there biggest nightmare
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