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Good Points
The great Nokia menu system
Very solid.
Memory card
Loads of features
Ease of use

Bad Points
no PC cable
small Key pad numbers

General Comments
This review is for a 2005 model Nokia 6230i. This is the upgrade to the older Nokia 6230.

The Good points: -

It's well known that the Nokia range of phones have the best, the most easy to use and most simple mobile phone menu systems, this model is no different. I looked at lots of other mobile phones before upgrading to this one including the Motorola V3 razor (that two work colleagues have) and both of them said they didn’t like the V3, as the menu system was poor.

The 6230i feels comfortingly solid, its simple to set-up straight from the box and its the first Nokia I have owned that you can put a memory card onto which means you can save extra photo’s and music files etc. I sent all the pictures off my old phone to the new phone memory card in about 10 minutes.

It has a very good 1.3-megapixel camera on it and a high-resolution screen to show them from. The 6230i’s camera is much better than the ones on most cameras but not so big you think you are carrying round a camera and not a mobile phone. You can also send pictures to other peoples mobile phones.

It will play Mp3’s, you can listen to FM radio stations and pre set the frequencies yourself or (I could not believe it when it did this) get them from the Internet and you can also get new frequencies if you travel to different parts of the country. This phone can make videos in colour with sound as well!!! You can also surf on the mobile phone version of the Internet.

It has both Bluetooth and infrared transfer systems installed if you want to send things to your PC or to other phones next to it or you can plug it into your PC using a USB cable (not supplied with the phone)

The 6230i also looks very nice it has a good styling it is well laid out, sits in the hand well and looks like a traditional Nokia. One other plus point of this normal styling is the local phone thieves will not realise this is the latest Nokia and will be less likely to be wishing to take it off you!

In the few weeks I have owned it has been 100% reliable it always has good signal strength on the O2 network and has not dropped any calls. The ring tones are loud enough and adjustable.

Calls are easy to make, you can access the phones address book easily and make calls or just dial the number on the keypad simply press the call button.

The Text editor is also easy to use and the phone stores incoming texts in a separate folder with the name of the sender and subject indexed so it’s easy to fine the one you want to reply to.

Phone battery life is very good, despite how much the kids play the games, my son says the golf game is very good and it has dragged him away from his Sony playstation 2 to pinch my phone to play it.

The Bad points: -

Well I actually struggled to find things to moan about with this phone.

The numbers on the phone keypad are small to read but I have had phones with much smaller numbers on the pad.

The PC connection cable is not supplied with the phone (you can buy this in most phone shops or off ebay for about £10) but the phone has Bluetooth installed to talk to your PC instead.

These are the only very minor things I can find to question about the Nokia 6230i.

Conclusion: -

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone. If you are upgrading your phone on contract don’t rush to buy the latest wizbang flashy phone from Samsung or Motorola get the Nokia 6230i

If you just want a simple to use mobile phone to make phone calls or send text messages it’s the best choice. But if you want to use all the latest features this Nokia 6230i mobile phone has them all as well.

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