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I wanted to share my thoughts with other ebayers about this new feedback. I have had one person who has brought two items from me, I have received NO payment and No comunication at all. I have filed a dispute agaist this person, but I dare not leave the positive feedback with the negitive comments as I know this person will leave me Negitive and I find this to be so unfair as I am a honest and good ebayer and for this person being a NON PAYING bidder I will be the one who receives the bad feedback for No reason. I think that the old feedback should be brought back, so NON PAYING bidders can have negitive feedback left when they are in the wrong, Not the sellers for no reason. Sory to go on but this makes my blood boil. Yet again had two more non paying bidders and have to leave them positive feedback and negitive comments, this is really daft, you should be able to leave them negitive for not paying.

Thank you for reading.


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