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I am so annoyed I thought I would share my bad experiance with others!

I am a genuine seller & buyer on ebay, recently I have had three bad experiances with 'non payers'

firstly I sold a pair of jeans, the item was never paid for and a dispute was opened by me for non payment, I had specified that I would only accept paypal payment & the buyer - after bidding - said she could not pay via paypal but would send payment by post, as a good will gesture I agreed to this and the payment was never sent!

After this I decided that paypal would be my only way to pay so when I received a second request for alternative payment for some car mats I refused it and explained paypal would be the only option. I must add that my items have 'Paypal only' signs on in a number of places! Anyway this payment was never recieved so another dispute was opened!

The third time this happened to me I sold a PS2 game to someone, they contacted me to say they could not pay by paypal (why bid then?!!) and they seemed genuine so I agreed to alternative payment again, this was not sent although they insisted it was sent twice! Again I opened a dispute which went on for over two weeks and eventually I closed so I could get a final value fee refunded. I then left negative feedback for the person as I didn't want anyone else to be messed around by them. A few days later I discovered they had been able to leave negative feedback for me and my score was reduced from 100% on over 100 items to 99.4%!!

 This I felt was very unfair and I do strongly feel that when someone does not pay for an item they should NOT be able to leave feedback of any kind for the seller, how can it possibly be my fault!!!!

I have asked for this negative feedback to be removed and am awaiting a reply from ebay, but you can bet they wont remove it!

I personally feel that things should be re-looked at on ebay's policies, you are supposed to be tied into a legal binding contract when you bid on an item but the worst that happens is you get removed from ebay if you dont pay (after quite a number of times!!!) There is nothing to stop these people re registering as someone else!

If it says paypal only and you havent got it - dont bid!!!

I can see peoples bad opinions of paypal but from a sellers point of view it is the 'safest way to pay'!!!

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