NOW IN STORE: Murray Kuun Guitars

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LONDON GUITAR CENTRE is pleased to announce that with immediate effect they have been appointed dealers for MURRAY KUUN guitars. Murray Kuun makes top quality Classical, Steel String, Archtop and electric guitars - all are HAND-MADE.

His range of guitars are

  • Moon and Stars Classical
  • Moon and Stars Steel
  • Norma Jean Archtop
  • Modena Electric

Don't just take our word for it, Premier Guitar reviewed his instruments in the July 2010 issue -

"Moon and Stars Classical

On the Moon and stars classical, Kuun flexes some of his design talents on its innovative bracing and laminated linings that create a very stiff, but responsively powerful top that gives the guitar a crystal clear clarity and sustain. He implemented a fanned lattice-style bracing derived from Cathedral architecture that's designed to relieve the string tension the neck is put under and negate and problems it could inflict on the just helps create a spectacular sounding guitar with its own vocabulary."

Our first Moon and Stars classical arrives mid July. COME AND TRY IT.

Please note that MK instruments are handmade and are not normally stock items. We will endeavour to bring in demonstration models, but that is not always possible. Murray is putting together a YouTube channel to deliver domonstrations of each instrument and we will put that link up as soon as we have it.  You can hear Murray's instruments on Facebook (Munkinpure).

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