NYDJ. Not Your Daughters Jeans. .Tummy Tuck Jean brands

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These are a wonderful American Imports

Beware however the auctions on ebay are peppered with re-sales from ladies who bought the wrong size!

I have been selling these jeans since they hit the UK.

A few years ago only those lucky enough to have a savvy boutique close at hand or visitors to The USA could find them.

This year they are ALL OVER and I mean featured on Gok Wan's How to look good naked and I'm sure I've spotted them  on 10 years younger! Definitely on  Mary Queen of Shops. 

If you know the styles you will spot them all over the press.

The key to these ladies is the cut. The Patterns for These jeans are cut by someone who knows their stuff and knows the more mature womans shape and even just the changes childbirth has on our bodies.

Hooray, about time too, nasty low rise muffin top producing things that abound on the high street!

I can honestly say because I no longer wear any other brand that these are it, the most comfortable and FLATTERING jean I have come across and so say my friends, relatives and customers!

YES I did say COMFORTABLE for although they do make you look good, they do fabulous things for your bottom they feel soft and move with you. I wear them all day, I ride in them, I muck out in them, I work and play in them!

Don't be fooled these jeans do not hold you in like a corset, they will not shrink a baby bulge into a washboard stomach!

They are soft and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y. There is a little cross of stitching across each side of the zip to stop the stomach area stretching so much but that is it. The strength of these jeans is the cut.

Now pin back your ears because this is the important bit


Most women can wear 3 sizes of these jeans and look quite ok. One of them will be the best but it isn't always the tightest or the inbetween. You do need to experiment a little to find the best but it's worth it.

As a loose rule look to go down three or four sizes from your UK norm.

When you get to sizes 18+ this difference becomes less as the sizes get closer to our UK average and you may find yourself wearing just one or two sizes smaller.

Now in the UK it is possible to buy from size zero (UK 8) to 18 (UK 22/24)

Fabric is all important, it does make a difference to the fit. A lighter weight fabric is more stretchy so you may go down a size as against the premium heavier weight overdyed denim in the colours Navy, Brown & Green etc.

Summer colours, white, baby blue and sand seem to be less stretchy so feel smaller than other styles and you may need a size larger than you would usually buy.

700 Styles are higher in the waist so can feel tighter and as most are in premium heavier fabric again you may find you need a size larger if the ones you have already are 400. These are great for boyish figures, smaller hips and apples also those that really need a higher waist on their long waisted frame.

400 Styles are the staple, the best selling and contain some of the entry level prices with a standard lightweight denim and black fabric. These are great for hourglass, and pear shapes and most ladies can happily have a pair of these in their wardrobe.

All this sounds confusing and it is, it takes me ages to get the measure of a new style, it takes several different women to try them on in my shop until I pretty much know who it will suit. You can buy these jeans online from lots of places just make sure you get good advice not just the standard "drop a size" from the American sales blurb!

And Finally Buying From The  USA

Be aware that we are not greedy in the UK, all our stock is made in the USA from fabric imported from Europe. It is purchased from USA and the appropriate and punitive import duty, carriage costs and vat are paid to get them here.
This means we can't buy them for some of the prices the Americans sell them at! You have to be aware that many of them are selling old stock, returns and lines that did not sell well. The taste in the USA is very different to here and many styles are exclusive to the UK for the more fashion conscious public here in Europe. You may be lucky and find you get away with customs but if not be prepared to pay import duty, collection fees and vat on all of that before your jeans can be collected from the post office. Even worse if they come by carrier as you get a huge bill a month or so later!

There are lots of jeans that are designed to tummy tuck, the states have lots of different brands, I have looked around at what I can source as NYDJ just keep getting more expensive

I am starting to stock a brand called FDJ (French Dressing Jeans) These are a Canadian Brand very similar to NYDJ but a slightly lower price point. Not all Tummy tuck jeans are the same but these are a good addition to my stock.

I have trialed this brand and I have found it popular with all but the most die hard NYDJ only customer and a good stand by to have in the wardrobe.

They don't have the marketing that is behind NYDJ  but they are still a premium boutique brand.

If you just want a pair for work or everyday the FDJ patterns are subtle but they still attract attention  to how good your bottom looks!

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