NatWest Pigs and Cousin Wesley

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I have enjoyed collecting NatWest Pigs and Cousin Wesley, and purchasing them off eBay, which I shall continue to do for some time. This guide is just going to be short and sweet.

There are are lot of NatWest Pigs and Cousin Wesley's on eBay that are fake and are not 100% geniune! That is why you should clarify with the best NatWest Pig's websites on the World Wide Web i.e.go on google and type in "C&S Collectables" : This webiste shows how the NatWest Pig's where founded and who designed them and how you recieved them.

 This is a geniune Cousin Wesley pig due to it's measurements, colours, design i.e.face

 This is a FAKE Cousin Wesley as you can tell


 These are 100% ORIGINAL and GENIUNE NatWest Pigs: Woody, Lady Hilary, Maxwell, Annabel and Sir Nathaniel with ORIGINAL NatWest Stoppers and embossed "Wade, England"


You have been warned! lol Good Luck and Happy Bidding eBayers!!

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