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It probably should be 5 stars really as any friction or unease was only in my head;  On line booking was straightforward; just took a minute to understand about the "discount code" check box - I didn't need to put anything in there as the tyres I'd chosen had no further offers related to them.  I set the date as Friday pm and received a call from the depot  on the Thursday to confirm that all the parts were in stock and that I was welcome to go any time.  
I got there that afternoon and handed over my keys and was told that the car would be ready in about 45 minutes to an hour..and that was it: I got back after an hour of following aromas coming from cafes and bakeries to find the car just about ready.  I'd booked for new front tyres (forgot to hand over the locking nut key), an oil  change, including new filter and system flush, and after a chat I had the front tracking done ( following my on line booking I'd got hold of a £10 voucher to print off and spend).  The car, an 05 Grand Scenic 1.9 DCI , felt noticeably smoother to drive. 
Anyway, the negatives in my head:  I'm always a bit anxious when     I have to have stuff done to the car - I'm planning a drive to Scotland so splashed out to get things sweet and safe for the trip but part of me is expecting to get blind sided by some other problem ( the car doesn't have a spare!)  and you see so much negative stuff on various forums.  This morning I went to check that nothing had been leaking underneath..and convinced myself that a plastic sump cover hadn't been put back on!  I absolutely believe that the fellow who'd carried out the work was genuine and hadn't come across one to replace;  hope I didn't spoil his day with my complaint.  Perhaps the experience was too easy - I'd be happier being the person passing things to the guy: I need to see and touch that can of Castrol Edge 5w40 fully synthetic oil and be witness to it drizzling into the engine like soothing, golden honey.. in order for me to have that fuzzy and warm consumer experience.  
The car definitely drives better now and even though I've not been on the motorway yet, the dash readout for average miles per gallon has risen by one or two miles.
Thanks Gloucester Road.

20th August, 2012

Yep, the best mileage that I'd had, according to the dash read out, prior to the oil change had been 36mpg, but overall, on my holiday to Ayr, I got 49mpg on the whole trip with a high of 52mpg!  The readout was showing 12,000 miles to next service supposedly having last been carried out in January.  I'm still troubled about the plastic sump cover, however, which was there when I bought the car in March.. I looked at my brother-in -law's yesterday  and it is exactly as I had expected to see mine..completely smooth underneath with no sign of the sump; it stuck in my mind as I'd not seen that on any of my cars before; not being able to see the sump plug was what made me , at that time, decide not to replace the oil myself.  Is it likely that it had just fallen off without my noticing? 

13th March, 2013.

Well I had the tyres B ar Bravuris 2 92H) for about two thousand miles until they had to be replaced due to excessive wear on the outer edge.  Renault brought it to my attention but I would have needed a mortgage to pay for all of their recommendations and Halfords wouldn't  do the tracking until the track rods were sorted, but there might have been a fortune spent if I'd carried out their ideas, so I now use a mechanic who works on his own; he advised me to replace the inner tie rod ends along with a new set of tyres; which I did and have had no problems since.  One thing he did say: There was no way that the tracking had been adjusted because the nuts were seized!  Regarding the improved mileage that I was so overjoyed about - there are a lot  of motorway miles to Scotland.  Thinking about that sump cover  ( that I've yet to replace) - It was most likely left off by the garage that sold me the car as I took note of it on the test drive.. but then they kept it for a couple of days to do the cam belt and valeting - I know they lied about "doing the fluids."  So I'd say  find a struggling mechanic that you can trust and look after him.
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