Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair - Most Effective Methods

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Powerful List of Natural Remedies for Thinning hair

In the times we live in, finding a good remedy is getting harder - especially one that actually works - there are possibly millions of natural remedies for thinning hair online, but most do not really work, and many require you to buy a product which may or may not work. 

This is why I thought to write a post here to help people find the dividing line between a real remedy and just a sales pitch - sure, my list requires you to purchase some things, but you don't have to, and can get results with the natural remedies listed for hair thinning, which are as follows: 

1. Scalp Massage a Natural Remedy for Thinning Hair

 This is one of the most powerful remedy of helping thinning hair in men and women. This is so under-estimated, and we often think we need to apply some product or get some other treatment - but if you actually do this one right, and can't afford expensive products to try or just don't want to, then this method is for you. 

For scalp massage to work for thinning hair, you must do it every single day for the duration of 33 minutes to be exact. This is very important; and makes the difference of getting results or not getting results - most people cannot do this kind of commitment (they really can't) and they don't see results or not as significant results. 

Massage gently, hard and medium level with finger tips. This will break down hardening of the scalp, push new circulation, breakdown internal clogging and regenerate new hair! 

When doing this level of scalp massage, you can get into problems of bumps and reddening of the scalp, this is normal - massaging using an oil such as the Immortal's oil, can be useful, as this oil supports in hair growth and thickening, ideal for both men and women. 

2.  Change diet as a Natural Remedy for Thinning Hair 

Diet is a major aspect of our lives;  any change in a diet can have a dramatic impact on your skin, hair and how your internal organs function, as well as your mood swings - you can actually be a very different person, from just a different diet! 

So the best diet remedy for thinning hair will have to look at the reasons why hair can thin. 

The most important part to remember, is that hair growth, is a secondary process in the body - the body does not give this priority if you are not health internally. So if you have a condition, like being close to diabetes, or have a very sugar based diet, then it will be harder for you to get results, until this is resolved. 

The best diet for renewing the body for hair growth, is to  go on the protein diet; this is where you eat lean meats, without any carbs, fats, sugars (not even fruits) for a period of time. This is an intense diet, and helps renew not only the hair, but all the internal organs. 

3. Taoist Soap as a Natural Remedy for Thinning Hair

The Taoist soap, when applied correctly to the scalp, can help support new hair growth. This soap can be found online only; and it is shipped worldwide. It is on a upper pricing scalp, but this is worth buying and using a little at a time - rub on finger tips, and apply on 3 points in the scalp (top, and sides usually) very gently - wash off after 4-5 seconds (so almost right away) - leaving on too long is not a good thing from my personal experience. 

This product does work, but should be understood that when it comes to hair growth and helping thinning hair, you should go on a regime of things that you do every day, to help with hair growth - this is how real natural healing works. People don't see results because they give up easily; or have expectations of a miracle from just 1 attempt or doing one thing (such as taking a pill for hair growth). 

4.  Exercise as a Remedy for Thinning Hair

Exercise is a powerful natural remedy for thinning hair - it supports the new growth by taking blood to the extremities and helping the body detox and unclog areas of the body that previously were starting to clog. The best exercise is one that will get you breathless very fast, and doing it for even 11 to 33 minutes, everyday, will help you more than you can imagine - not only for hair, but also how you glow, and have bright radiant eyes and skin (make sure you are on the protein to get even more powerful results). 

There are a lot more methods and natural remedies for thinning hair out there - but these are the most powerful, tried and tested methods - don't bother looking for reviews of these methods, as you will find that searching for a review of anything, will always produce 2 sides of the story - and you will only confuse and frustrate yourself on what to do and this itself, won't bring you results - people are always there to complain, be it for a product, a method of healing or recovery, or anything - so they talk about it in their blogs and forums - I am sure if you have done something that worked for you, and searched it online, and typed does so and so work for so and so, then you will find opposite views of people saying how it does not work - but you know clearly, it worked for you - so this must be understood, especially to those of you who think too much. 
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