Navel/Belly Piercing

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One of the older forms of body piercing is known as the navel piercing. Navel piercing which is also known as a belly-button piercing is most prevalent in women than in men but that is not to say that men cannot get one done. A navel piercing can be an easy piercing with a quick heal time, but in some cases there is still the chance of rejection of the piercing.

In general, the concept of a navel piercing does not actually pierce the navel, but rather the rim of the navel in the event that one has a standard belly-button. In the event that you have what is commonly referred to as an outie, then you are able to receive a real navel piercing, but this is also a very rare occurrence. There has been the case of an urban legend which states that a person who received a navel piercing got an infection that traveled in to the liver, there has been no actual reports of this ever happening and the chances of it occurring is slim.

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