Nazar, Evil Eye Beliefs

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'Nazar' is a wide spread belief throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, the Aegean Isles, parts of North Africa, Middle East and India. Especially in Turkey, wherever you go you can see 'Nazar' beads or amulets dangling from the bumpers of taxi cabs, pinned to the clothes of babies, built into the foundation of modern office buildings, guarding the doorways of houses and adorning people in the form of jewellery. For centuries it has been a symbol of good luck.

Nazar comes from Arabic meaning seeing or looking and the purpose of Nazar is to ward off the 'Evil Eye' and impart the wearer with luck, prosperity, health and well being. At the heart of evil eye lies the belief that envy of others can cause harm, weather intentionally or involuntarily. Blue colour is believed to have the effect to ward off the evil influence from this kind of envy and jelousy and reflect its energy away from the subject.

The most popular type of nazar amulet is a blue glass bead with a white and blue 'eye' decorated on it. These beads range from tiny balls warn with safety pin to be attached on a person's clothes, to hanging beads of a couple of centimeters in diameter to be hung around your house all the way to giant nazar plaques either built into the plaster of a new building or hangingfrom the roof or top floors.

Nazar beads are popularly bought, or given as a present at new beginnings. Popular and 'must' occasions are new baby, new house, new car, to congratulate for a new job and of course marriage. Nazar beads at these instances are used to ward off the envy these new beginnings will invoke in others.

For babies, a small nazar pin is attached to the baby's crib or on his/her clothes. It can also be on a silver or gold bracelet chain but this is rarer.

For a new car, a nazar bead 3-5cm in diameter is usually placed in the glove compartment or is hung from the mirror. You can also use a nazar key chain for the car keys.

For a new house a good place to hang the nazar bead (10 - 20 cm in diameter) is above the entrance door or above the living room door. Free standing nazar ornaments can also be placed around the house.

For a new job or promotion, a nazar bead is either worn as jewellery, used as a key chain or kept in the desk drawer.

When the new beginning is related to a person it is usually worn as jewellery like a necklace, bracelet, anklet or for men as key chains.

In addition to new beginnings, when peoples lives are on the right track, things are positive, they are happy or there is a situation that has the possibility to attract praise, they wear nazar beads as jewellery to carry it with them at all times in order to not to break the 'spell'

Nazar jewellery can be a simple bead on a strap or a chain, or more elaborate piece in a copper, silver or gold mount, or can be incorporated in complex designs. Heart shaped beads are especially popular for situations involving relationships.

You would know if a nazar bead has done its job if you find it cracked (and this is a common occurance!!) If this happens the bead needs to be replaced immediately.

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