Necklace Lengths and Styles

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Necklace Lengths
COLLAR __ 12/13 inches Worn close on the neck. Collars are usually made up of three or more strands and lie snugly on the middle of the neck. Very Victorian and luxurious, collars go best with elegant V-neck, boat neck or off the shoulder fashions.

CHOKER — 14/16 inches A uniform necklace that drops to just above the collarbone. A choker is perhaps the most classic and yet versatile of all the single strand lengths. A simple choker can go with virtually any outfit from casual to fancy evening wear and just about any neckline imaginable.This is a good necklace length for a child. This way the necklace has "growth room".

PRINCESS— 17/19 inches The princess length necklace is best suited for crew and high necklines. It also complements low plunging necklines. It is a perfect support for a pendant.

MATINEE — 20/24 inches Longer than the choker, and just a bit shorter than an opera length, the matinee necklace is the right choice for casual or business dressing.

OPERA— 28/34 inches The opera necklace is the queen of all the lengths. When worn as a single strand, it is refined and perfect for high or crew necklines. When doubled upon itself, it serves as a versatile two strand choker.This is the most common length for a necklace.

LARIAT or ROPE— Over 45 inches A necklace that is not joined at the ends, but tied in a knot or wrapped around the neck is a lariat. A rope is a particularly long necklace that can be wrapped round more than once. Dripping with elegance and sensuously sexy, the pearl rope was a favourite of Coco Chanel. Clasps placed in strategic locations around the necklace will enable you to break it down into multi-strand necklace and bracelet combinations. For those looking for the complete wardrobe, this length is a must.Lariats are at least 48 inches long, with the ends left unattached for knotting or wrapping around the neck.


UNIFORM: A necklace of any length with equal sized beads throughout.

GRADUATED: A necklace of gradually increasing sized beads, with the smallest near the clasp, and the largest at the centre.

BIB: A necklace with three or more stands, with each successive strand longer than the one above it.
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