Negative feedback left by malicious buyers

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Hi, This guide is to help those struggling with malicious feedback to take action.  I don't know about you, but I found it very hurtful and having had to pay my ebay fees of £83.00, found this very hard to swallow. 

Having worked hard to get 100% feedback over 4 years, it took one newbie to wreck it in five seconds.  Having sold a Country Casuals jacket for £2.50 as a size 12/14, she said it was a size 16.  It wasn't, and even though the ad stated the jacket was black, she saw it is purple due to the photograph being shiny.

Having tried to explain and even showing her the ad again, she still left negative feedback.  The sizing on the jacket said 16 apparently????? but I tried the jacket on and it was a size 12/14, which is what I sold it as.  No label saying size 16.

Her  attitude was disgustingly rude and arrogant but feedback is feedback according to eBay, so what can be done about this??? Nothing, like it or lump it, it stays and ruins our chances of surviving on eBay.
Sellers pay the commissions, buyers leave negative feedback.  It doesn't seem right to me, as every single feedback received before this one incident was exceptional.  If eBay doesn't do something soon, it will have no sellers, and without sellers, there is no eBay.

Please write to ebay if this has happened to you, as somehow this must be stopped.  There is no recourse and no remedy, but if we all act then maybe eBay will rethink this strategy and reconsider.  After all, it is the sellers who make eBay, and yes, even though there are hundreds of bad sellers, the good ones should be able with proof of their past dealings, have some say in how this is managed.  It is after all supposed to be a community of sellers and buyers whose object is to make eBay a safe and secure place to trade.


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